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What is hyQuery?
hyQuery is a prototypical implementation of parts of the W3C's XLink recommendation using the XQuery language. It has been developed by Lorenz Singer as a proof of concept for the concept of Hyperdata Systems in XML databases which he described in his Master's thesis at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 2008.
Why should I use hyQuery?
There are hardly any usable implementations for the XLink recommendation, probably due to the complexity of this standard. hyQuery is a way of integrating XLink support seamlessly into XQuery, which is one of the most used languages for accessing XML in databases.
How can I use hyQuery?
hyQuery is written as a XQuery module, so it can be used in any XQuery program as long as the XQuery processor supports user defined modules. There are some further limitations at the moment which are described under Documentation.
May I freely use hyQuery?
You may freely use or modify the hyQuery XQuery module for you purposes (commercial or none-commercial). But you may not distribute the hyQuery module by yourself, please use a link to this page instead. You may send us modifications of the module if you would like them to be downloadable on this page.